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Aberdeen Acupuncture
Specialising in Pain Relief and IVF Support

The Rosemount Centre, 1C Mount Street, Aberdeen, AB25 2RA
Enquiries regarding acupuncture call now on 07927661338
For appointments call 01224 636378


Banchory Acupuncture
Open Thursdays at Banchory Health & Therapies Practice.
6 Scott Skinner Square AB31 5SE
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At our Aberdeen acupuncture clinic we offer fast, safe and effective pain relief treatments for a wide range of problems using the best of traditional and modern acupuncture interventions based on the latest research. All our pain relief treatment plans are aimed at relieving the symptoms of pain and discomfort quickly, whenever possible addressing the underline causes. In our Aberdeen acupuncture clinic we aim to do this with the minimum number treatments whilst assuring comfortable and painless treatment sessions.
Our acupuncture clinic also specialises in offering treatment plans for IVF support. Other areas of help include: stress relief, asthma, immune support, constipation, cold sores and fatigue. Additionally, Kevin has experience in offering specialised treatment plans for nicotine detox and depression & anxiety. Kevin can uniquely offer extra support in these areas as a registered counsellor and acupuncturist with a number of years experience of offering psychological support on the NHS.

Many of our clients use our Aberdeen acupuncture clinic to address the following
acute or chronic problems:
IVF & Acupuncture Highlight

The NHS reports the following regarding studies on the effectiveness of acupuncture and IVF:
"The results of this review suggest that acupuncture has a positive effect of pregnancy rates when given with IVF. An interpretation of the 65% benefit quoted by the papers must be considered in light of the fact that they represent relatively small absolute benefits considering that the rates of pregnancy in the non-acupuncture groups were high" - NHS Choices
◦ Sciatica
◦ Fibromyalgia
◦ Migraines
◦ Carpel tunnel pain
◦ IBS related pain
◦ Menstrual pain
◦ Arthritis
◦ Osteoarthritis
◦ Back pain
◦ Neck pain
◦ Knee pain/arthritis
◦ Hip pain/arthritis
◦ Shoulder pain
◦ Elbow pain
◦ Hand pain
◦ Foot & Ankle injuries
Kevin is trained both in traditional acupuncture and is a BACP registered counsellor and psychotherapist specialising in current CBT mindful based cognitive approaches such ACT (acceptance and commitment training). These approaches help clients make room for difficult feelings and thoughts whilst giving them psychological skills needed to commit to doing whats most important to their lives. This means clients if they wish can learn positive psychological skills enabling them to cope more effectively with health and life challenges.
Kevin Hush Anderson

In 1993 I trained and qualified in Reflexology. After several years of working in Perth Osteopathic clinic I undertook my training in acupuncture, qualifying in 2001 after 3 years full time study with the National College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. During that time I was involved in teaching and giving workshops for Macmillan nurses and in further education.

Most recently I have trained in a number of specialised Japanese and modern acupuncture techniques. In 2010 I graduated with honours in counselling from York St John University and have gone on to work on the NHS providing brief therapy as a BACP registered counsellor. As an acupuncturist I am registered with Chinese Medical Institute and Register (CMIR) and hold full indemnity insurance.

acupuncture room
Fees & Enquiries

Consultation and treatment: £55
Subsequent treatments: £45
(for cancelations made within 48hr a charge for the full amount will be payable)

Our aim is to bring relief as quickly as possible so reducing the over all cost of acupuncture therapy to the individual.

Kevin is happy to take in enquiries regarding acupuncture.
You can contact him direct by calling now on 07927 661338

Testimonial: "I have experienced significant back pain during the last 5 years since being diagnosed with congenital stenosis and herniated discs. I was in so much pain standing, sitting or sleeping was very difficult and walking more than a few steps impossible. Kevin's treatments, care and advice have substantially reduced and stabilised my pain levels, which allows me to function more normally in many areas of my life. Kevin is professional, extremely competent and caring, and always has time to listen carefully". - Mrs P. Pickard
Acupuncture Clinic

Our Aberdeen acupuncture clinic is located within the Rosemount Centre. This offers a quiet and calm environment providing quality treatment rooms and a friendly welcome.

For appointments please call Rosemount Centre: 01224 636378

Rosemount Centre 1C Mount Street, Aberdeen, AB25 2RA.

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